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Gladioli Nanus Alba

Pure white Gladioli Nanus, perfect for a spring wedding. Late spring flowering, 50-70 cm tall.
Choose a planting spot where the soil drains well. Plant 5-7 cm deep and 4-6 cm apart. Gladioli nanus multiply quickly and make an excellent cut flower.
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Gladioli Nanus Alba - 5 Bulbs
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Gladioli Nanus Care


Be sure to store the corms in a cool, dry, airy place if you’re not going to plant them right away. Warm conditions or lack of air movement may cause early sprouting and root growth. A mesh bag is ideal to use for storage.


Plant in a sunny spot with good drainage. Ensure they are planted in well worked soil from February to March at the depth of 10-12cm deep. It is recommended to feed them every couple of weeks with a high potassium feed.


Gladioli Nanus produce up to 10 florets per stem and grow 50-70cm high. You may leave the flowers to enjoy in the garden, or pick them for indoor use. Pick as soon as the bottom floret is showing colour. Try not to remove too many leaves when cutting the flowers, as the corm uses the energy from these to grow and prepare for next season. Cut the stem 20–30 cm from the ground. To maximise vase life it is recommended to remove any spent florets, trim the stem and change the vase water every few days. Gladioli Nanus are incredibly hardy, but can be subject to pests and rust. An occasional spray of insecticide and fungicide is recommended to prevent unwanted pests and diseases. Rust diseases occur most often in mild, moist conditions

A general purpose insecticide such as Naturally Neem can help to prevent pests– This can be purchased here: Naturally Neem.

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