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Pot Oriental Sunny Azores

White with a yellow centre. Strongly fragrant, 50-60cm tall.

Patio Orientals have the same strong fragrance as the taller Oriental types. They take 100-110 days from planting to flowering. They need full sun to do well, although will tolerate some shade early or late in the day.

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Pot Oriental Lily Sunny Azores - 1 Bulb
Pot Oriental Lily Sunny Azores - 1 Bulb
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Pot Oriental Lily Sunny Azores - 3 Bulbs
Pot Oriental Lily Sunny Azores - 3 Bulbs
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Pot Oriental Lily Sunny Azores - 5 Bulbs
Pot Oriental Lily Sunny Azores - 5 Bulbs
$25.00 | 25 Points | In Stock
Lily Care

Lilies are renowned as being amazing cut flowers, as even a single stem can be a showstopper. Lilies can add height and perfume to a garden, and pot cultivars are perfect for brightening patios and decks.


Lilies can be planted from May until October, with spring planting becoming more common as they will then flower in the lead up to Christmas. Plant your lily bulbs at least 12cm deep in a well-drained soil with full sun or light shade. They do prefer full sun if possible, shade will delay the flowering. No fertiliser is needed at planting time. Deep planting encourages roots to emerge from the underground part of the stem, stabilising the plant and eliminating the need for staking. Space at least 15cm apart. Water thoroughly after planting.

After Planting:

Shoots will emerge between three and 8 weeks after planting, depending on the type of lily. Beneath the ground the bulbs will be busy developing their roots and flower buds, ready for growth. Once the shoots appear you can fertilise lightly to support the growth. Occasional spraying with a Neem spray will keep virus-spreading aphids under control.


Lilies are fantastic as cut flowers but there are a few tricks to cutting the stems. Make a diagonal cut and avoid cutting off more than half the stem. Pick the stems when the buds are just about to open, with a bit of the flower colour showing.

If you have lilies that produce pollen and donít want this to cause an allergic reaction or staining, simply snip off the stamens in the centre of the flower. Before placing them in a vase, remove the lower leaves so that there is no foliage underwater Ė it will rot underwater and reduce the life of the flower.

After Flowering:

Leave the stems and leaves on the bulbs until the leaves have turned brown - the plant needs these to keep supplying energy to the bulb so it grows strongly to provide next seasonís blooms. Lily bulbs do not have a hard skin like other bulbs and therefore cannot be lifted and stored like other bulbs. Unless you are moving or dividing your lilies they should be left alone. If you do need to lift the bulbs, re-plant them within a week, or store them in damp peat to hold them in good condition for longer periods.

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