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Ranunculus Black - Pack of 3

A hybrid cut flower variety, tall and vigorous. Black in bud, opening to a very dark black-red.

This is a hybrid cut flower strain, far superior to 'garden ranunculus' in form, height, and flower production.

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Ranunculus Black - 3 Bulbs
Ranunculus Black - 3 Bulbs
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Ranunculus Care

A few simple tips can help ensure successful growing and a great flower display.

Ranunculus can be planted any time from mid January until mid June. Early planting will provide mid to late winter flowers, while later planting will give early to mid spring flowers. Partial shade is tolerated and can help produce longer flower stems.

Ranunculus will be hard and dry when purchased, as they are in a very dormant state. For better results and flower production, they should be pre- germinated prior to planting. Mix the tubers with damp (not wet) sawdust and put them in the fridge in an open container. Keep them damp every day - the sawdust will dry quickly in the fridge. After three to four weeks you will see signs of roots and/or shoots developing. Plant immediately upon seeing this.

Ranunculus tubers consist of a number of claws connected to a central crown at the top. The claws should be planted downwards.

Care while growing: Use either a general purpose fertiliser or a specific bulb fertiliser during their growing stages. Composted animal manure is also good as they like nitrogen.

Water to keep just moist, not wet. Do not let ranunculus plants become too dry while growing. They like a calcium-rich soil as well, so an application of fine lime at 100-200grams per square metre can help.

Flowering: Ranunculus flowers are long lasting in the vase and should be picked when the flower heads have half unfurled from their tight bud stage.

Care after flowering: With warmer temperatures in late spring, the plants will begin to die back. The tubers can be harvested and reused the next year, however younger tubers with more vigour will give better results.

For detailed information see our Fact Sheet on Ranunculus.

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